Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a credentialed educator in order to deliver WorldWHYs content?

While WorldWHYs is developed by teachers, counselors and PK-12 administrators, it can be delivered by anyone who has experience educating their targeted age group. After-school program providers, community-based youth program leaders, camp counselors, and even group fitness instructors have had success delivering WorldWHYs lessons.

Is WorldWHYs just for schools?

WorldWHYs is great for any school, organization, club that focuses on youth between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. For example, afterschool programs, summer camps, youth groups, athletic clubs, etc.

Is the pricing per teacher or per school.

The pricing is per ‘facilitator’ (single person delivering the content). If your school or organization is looking for a site license, please contact us at

Can we download and use the content at our own pace or does it expire?

Our content is refreshed every season (3 times a year), so for the biggest impact, we recommend people deliver in that season. The content never expires, however, what is available for download is only the current season. For people wishing to deliver at an extended pace (beyond a single season for 11 lessons), we suggest downloading all of the content when it becomes available.

How quick and easy is it to implement?

WorldWHYs is easy to implement and easy-to-deliver. With any leader license, on-demand training is included and will leave you ready to confidently deliver WorldWHYs lessons to your youth. An online community platform enables you to connect with WorldWHYs facilitators just like you to ask questions, share best practices, etc. We also offer a live-webinar option which allows for live Q&A. For schools or organizations with a larger number of facilitators, we can come to your site to conduct onsite training and also offer train-the-trainer options.

If I am an individual, can I buy a leader license and deliver the content as an independent consultant and charge attendees?

Yes. As long as you have an established legal business entity and are licensed and insured to provide youth programs in your area.

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