The Curriculum

 Developed for teachers by teachers.

WorldWHYs lessons are informed by current research. All lessons are based on established best practices in instruction as well as stages of child development. 

Age Appropriate

Lessons developed for five age bands: PreK | K-2 | 3-5 | Middle School | High School

Standards Aligned

* Common Core State Standards
* Standards for 21st Century Learning
* Standards for Social Emotional Learning
* Social Justice Standards

Updates Seasonally

Ongoing participants will never experience the same content twice. We update the program 3 times per year, every year.

Research Based

Lessons are always relevant and inspired by current research.

Social Emotional Focus

Our focus on speaking, listening, reflection, and intention promotes community building and participants’ social and emotional growth.


Our program is fact-based, delivered in an inclusive way, and developed to be relevant for all participants.

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